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Okay, so much similiar to the below link but mine is a bit different. Paginate Rows into Columns in Excel

I have a lot of data in column A, I want to take every 14 to 15 rows and make them a new row with multiple columns. I'm trying to get it into a format where SQL can intake the data. I figured the best way was to get them into rows then make a CSV with the data.

So it would like like below: (wow, the format totally didn't stick when posting)

column A     column B     C     D     etc

1               1         2     3      x
2               16        17    a      b

I can clarify if needed, but I'm stumped on how to get the data out of the single column with so many rows in the column.

Thanks for the help!!!

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assuming you want 15 per line, and the data starts in A1:
in B1, put this formula =OFFSET($A$1,((ROW()-1)*15)+MOD(COLUMN()-2,15),0) and copy it to C1:P1, then copy that down as far as you need to
The end of the data will be signified by rows of zeros

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I can work with that. Thanks! – Sanityvoid Jun 4 '12 at 20:54

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