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I have to access my home router's web interface on port 80. Unfortunately, the only way into the network I have at the moment is SSH to another machine on the same network.

me ---|---SSH Box----Home Router

My Google foo seems to have abandoned me, I couldn't didn't find anything helpful. Any ideas? Thanks!

To clarify: I'm not at home right now. I do however have access to one machine on the network (a QNAP NAS) over SSH. I need to access the home router web interface on port 80 from my notebook which is outside of the home network.

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Clarify more - I don't actually see what you want to do. SSH to the router? Access the router's web interface from a remote computer? – Daniel Andersson Jun 5 '12 at 6:40
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and stay logged in. Then point your browser at and it should connect to your router.

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