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Is it possible to install Windows 8 on another partition from Windows 7 (not from the boot menu but from within Windows itself)?

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1) using diskpart

Format the partition to NTFS Quick format

Extract windows8.iso to the new partition

open CMD as Administrator

Enter the following commands, (replace X with what applies to your hard drive):

list disk
select disk X
list partition
select partition X
X:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 X:

Exit and reboot

Install Windows as usual

2) Using easybcd

Download and install easyBCD

run easyBCD

Go to Add new entry select iso and the path to your iso file Clic add new entry

Next step , edit boot menu and select windows 8 64 bit

Extract windows8.iso to the new partition


Install Windows as usual

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AFAIK you can install the windows-8 within the windows-7. Because I have installed Windows-7 within Windows XP it was working like a charm. Just you have to make sure your system drive I mean be sure on which partition you have to install the windows-8. If there is same size partition then you can change the size of partition to recognize the difference between them.

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I think it's possible. Because some guy had installed WIN8 on other disk, so there are dual system on the computer. Just try but as far as I know, it will be much trouble if you want to remove Win8 from your computer without affecting WIN7. Not sure

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I didn't find a way to do so… At least I didn't want to risk a working Windows 7 system.

When you run Windows 8 setup from other version of Windows, there are three options:

  • Save Windows parameters, personal files and applications
  • Save only my personal files
  • Save nothing

The first two options really mean upgrade. I wasn't sure enough to try the third option. I understand the third option is to replace the existing OS with the newly installed Windows 8.

I tried to find information on the Internet about it but I wasn't much successful. However, one of the step-by-step guides, clearly mentioned:

You have to boot from Windows 8 DVD or USB to perform a clean boot.

That's what I did. I installed it on the 2nd partition of the hard drive, and it gives me the option to boot to Windows 8 or the previous version of Windows.

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