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Let's say I have domain name "" registered and managed by

I would like to manage domain names as by my own(without external manager). I have a bind9 dns server at "". Can I delegate third level resolution to my server? If yes, how?

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Can I delegate third level resolution to my server?

Yes, assuming your server is visible to all the computers that will need to use it.

If yes, how?

You delegate a subdomain by creating an NS record in the parent domain's zone file (or equivalent)

See this answer in serverfault, and a more detailed explanation at Zytrax (which may be a bit too complicated if you are new to DNS and BIND)

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Whoever is managing your domain ( needs to change their authoritative source to your server. You usually do that by using the domain managers UI one last time. Or you can make a service request to them. I know with Network Solutions you can just use the admin interface to change the primary and secondary name servers to your server.

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