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Well in one of the SP1 media center rollups, MS managed to break the stop button.


  • Play bear.
  • Press stop - video pauses (frame freezes) there is no OSD
  • Press play - video plays
  • Press stop - the screen pops up with all the stop options (delete etc.)

This has been acknowledged as an issue by MS:

Does anyone have any inside information as to when this is going to get fixed?

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No inside info, but they have a workaround:

I've identified the buggy component to be ehplayer.dll.

Firstly, you need to take ownership of ehplayer.dll in C:\Windows\ehome: 1) Open an elevated command prompt (i.e. right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run As Administrator 2) Go to C:\Windows\ehome 3) Type: takeown /f ehplayer.dll cacls ehplayer.dll /G :F (so on my system it is cacls ehplayer.dll /G HTPC\cdldt:F)

Now you have access to ehplayer you can replace it. The version you need (18000) can be downloaded from here: I have no intention of infecting anyone's PC with malicious software, but if you don't trust me you can get this from your side-by-side directory. Go into C:\Windows\winsxs and search for ehplayer. You should see several versions of ehplayer.dll listed. One of them should be build 18000 (you can tell from the directory name).

Back in C:\Windows\ehome, rename ehplayer.dll to ehplayer.old and then copy the 'new' version (i.e. build 18000) into C:\Windows\ehome.

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This looks interesting, but is not something I could recommend to my customers, I am fairly sure the workaround is not supported by MS – Sam Saffron Aug 1 '09 at 23:58
True. Then Diago's answer (official channels) may be the best way to get reliable info about this. – hyperslug Aug 2 '09 at 2:56

The best possible way to get some inside information would be to report the problem on Microsoft Connect for your particular operating system, which should provide you with a response from the Microsoft Engineering team. Although they will acknowledge issues on public forums, solutions and information are generally provided through connect. I would guess the problem will most likely be resolved in the next Service Pack if they have already acknowledged it.

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