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I have many bookmarks that I'd like to show in the bookmark bar. How to make the bookmark bar of Google Chrome bigger, for example, let it show two rows of bookmark icons? If impossible, is there some extension that can essential help me having a big bookmark bar?

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Officially no. There are workarounds though, like grouping bookmarks in folders or using extensions.

Some ideas of extensions: Bookmark Bar Switcher which lets you switch between multiple bookmark bars or Iconized Bookmarks Bar which helps you gain space on the bookmarks bar by adding icons instead of text.

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You can edit out the text for any chrome bookmark, which leaves just the icon, right click on any bookmark and select edit, blank the name field, this works for url bookmarks. – Moab Jun 6 '12 at 0:39

Simple answer is, it's not possible. If you want to check out all of the Google Chrome bookmark extensions, just search Google's official Web Store for bookmarks.

Your best bet is to sort them into folders and name the folders short one word names. This is what I did when I realized that I was running out of space.

Here is example of my Chrome bookmark bar:

chrome bookmarks bar with folders

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If you want to save space, just use the icons by entering in blank names for the bookmarks you often use on your bookmark bar. :)


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I have more than 200 such icons already. – qazwsx Oct 22 at 21:40

I just edit the descriptions to make them smaller, allowing more to fit. Try simple 3 character abbreviations. Right click on the bookmark in the bar to edit it.

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That does not work for me. I have more. – qazwsx Oct 22 at 21:40

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