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I have a file residing on a FTP site that I am trying to download. The FTP site is a secure site and requires a user name and password. The size of the file I am trying to download is 2.98GB. Part way through the transfer I get the error message:

Connection timed out 
File transfer failed after transferring 501,407,504 bytes in 693 seconds

I have tried it a few times and it seems to timeout at different spots. If I click through the folder structure it seems to keep it from timing out. Is there anything I can do to stop it from timing out when downloading larger files?

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As far as my experience goes, the FileZilla can be configured to timeout the connection if inactive for xx seconds:

If no data is sent or received during an operation for longer than the specified time, the connection will be closed and FileZilla will try to reconnect.

enter image description here

Usually a timeout during a large file transfer is due to server configurations where the user account is allowed to have an active login for a certain amount of time. If that time gets expired (common on very large files), the server kills the connection.

Aldo, fileZilla should re-establish the connection and resume the file transfer.

Check with your system administrator for that issue.

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