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Note that this question is prompted by the circumstances detailed by me (as Xl1NntniNH7F) in Thus if you could address the underlying cause of the boot failure, I would very much appreciate it.

I'm trying to replicate the environment in my ubuntu installation (where the home folder is on a separate partition) in order to run make uninstall. I'm using a live cd.

How to mount a dir in one partition into a directory on another mounted partition? I did chroot /mnt/sda2 but I don't know how to mount sda3 to /home, and my various attempts didn't work. As I am unfamiliar with chroot, my approach could be wrong, so it would be great if you could suggest what I should do, given my circumstances.

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I bind mounts a lot with chroots, so I tend to have scripts set up which check to see if the chroot has certain dirs bind mounted already and if not, to set them up before chrooting.

For example, I have /dev set up as a tmpfs with mdev and /dev/pts mounted as a devpts filesystem:

$ mount | grep /dev
devpts /dev/pts devpts rw 0 0
mdev /dev tmpfs rw,nosuid 0 0

Then in my script I do:

for m in dev dev/pts ; do
    grep -sq $d/$m /proc/mounts || mount --bind /$m $d/$m
exec chroot $d /bin/bash

With the current SVN Busybox trunk, it seems /dev is mounted twice at /mnt/chroot/dev and /mnt/chroot/dev/pts instead of /dev at /mnt/chroot/dev and /dev/pts at /mnt/chroot/dev/pts

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