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I love Textmate's blame very much. Is it possible to have something like that inside of Sublime Text 2?

I mean:

  • ability to see each step state (what was added, removed)
  • ability to change step
  • ability to open some state of file and copy/paste smth


Update: I use GIT :)

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EDIT: this answer assumed @InviS is using SVN, but I've since learned he's using GIT.

You need to install the SVN package:

  • if you haven't done so already, install the Package Control package (it's like apt-get for sublime packages). Instructions are here:
  • use sublime's Command Palette to run Install Package, then search for SVN and hit enter to install it (takes a few moments, you'll get an instructions screen when it's done)

Once SVN is installed, you can now use the Command Palette to run various commands, for example type svci to run SVN: Commit....

Blame is hidden behind the SVN: Other... command, so you need to type something like svo[enter]bla[enter] to run it.

You can customise sublime to create additional ways of executing the command, but that'd be a separate question.

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I use GIT (updated my post). And Package Controll is installed. But blame is awful. – InviS Jun 8 '12 at 6:46
Sorry, I haven't experimented with GIT and Sublime (all my git work is in Xcode). There are several git packages in Package Control... presumably one of them does what you want. You're right, it is pretty basic, sublime is never going to have the kind of version control integration you get from a full IDE like Xcode/Eclipse/etc. – Abhi Beckert Jun 8 '12 at 8:01
maybe, it's a pity.. and not convenient.. Will continue my researching of something like that... Thanks for answers. – InviS Jun 8 '12 at 11:38

I used the following plugin:

Works great!

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It doesn't work great. It doesn't do points 2 and 3 that InviS asked for. Esp. point 3 I miss, it's enough for me to stay with textmate. – Jim Soho Aug 14 '12 at 5:20

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