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I ran this file recovery tool to see if I could find a previously deleted image and the results were rather impressive. It recovered a little over 150,000 images (40GB total).

If I go image by image I won't be done with this for a few weeks, and I'm just wondering if there's an automated way to go through such a large set. I've tried several apps, all which have crashed. I know the exact image dimension, but Finder doesn't return any results since it hasn't indexed the images.

I would like to sort the files by image dimension or search by the exact dimension.

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Sort by image dimension only would be helpful. Or any solution that doesn't crash would be great, too. – Raphael Caixeta Jun 6 '12 at 14:52
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The easiest way to do that is to run a Spotlight search, if your recovered image files are already Spotlight indexed:

mdfind -onlyin ~/Desktop "kMDItemPixelWidth == 123 && kMDItemPixelHeight == 456"

Here, you can specify the folder to search in (e.g. ~/Desktop) as well as the specific width and height values associated to the image you want to find.

The command should return a list of paths to the files that match the search criteria.

For more info, see: Digging Deeper: Mastering Spotlight in OS X - Super User Blog

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Worked perfectly. Thanks! – Raphael Caixeta Jun 6 '12 at 16:29

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