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Recently I bought a used TV tuner which came with an MCE remote, but unfortunately not the receiver. I know that there are some receivers available on eBay (for a pretty penny), but I thought it would be cheaper/faster/easier to use it with an IR port. Sadly, not all laptops have an IR port.

A typical IRDA module seems like it might work, but laptops do not have IRDA headers on the motherboard, so some sort of USB dongle will be necessary.

I checked eBay, but it only seems to have actual MCE receivers, not generic USB-IR devices.

Is there a way to add an (IR remote compatible) infrared port to a laptop?

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I found all kinds of USB IR devices online. Check Amazon. And here is one at ByteRunner.

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Yes I know; there are remotes/receivers on eBay too. I am not asking about a remote receiver, I am asking about an infrared port. I'm trying to find out if there is a way to add a generic, IRDA type of IR port to a laptop. Some people use them to sync data between a system and a phone, or game device, etc. The Amazon link is not applicable to this question, but the ByteRunner one does seem to be. (It's more expensive than I'd like since I would mostly only be using it for the remote for now, but at least they do exist.) (I'm wondering if it's possible to build-your-own.) – Synetech Jun 7 '12 at 16:49

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