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I asked: How does a Mac OSX SL or Lion user search the cluster for a particular file (foo.txt)

From the cluster, you would need to run some form of recursive lookup for the file desired. As an example, using 'find'.

RAM-1# find /ifs |grep test.txt

I would suggest contacting Apple support regarding their recommendation for searching for files on remote file systems from the Mac client itself

That's great, but I don't want users using CLU!

Anyone know a good non-CLI method? Spotlight is not an option. The cluster is roughly 80 TB.

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A better command would be

find /ifs -name "test.txt" -print

The OSX simple Find from the Finder unfortunately uses Spotlight and needs an index to be created first - so will not work in your case.

For a GUI look at programs like EasyFind

But with 80TB - well really more the number of files - searching will take a long time - might it not be better to provide some form of indexing ather than use raw search.

There are also commercial searching solutions like Google Search Appliance which is a program and/or dedicated server that runs in your site.

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find /ifs |grep test.txt is Unix?! (It's just not very beautiful..) – slhck Jun 6 '12 at 17:29
Thanks very much! Works like a charm and is surprisingly fast...! – Tom S Jun 6 '12 at 19:14

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