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I'm looking for a piece of software, and was going to post on SO but I think it would be better here since it isn't specifically a programming question.

I know I could custom program this, but would rather not re-invent the wheel. The company I work for has a publication that is published weekly, in paper format. We now receive it in PDF format so that we can begin distributing it digitally. I am looking for some web software, preferably PHP/MySQL, that would do the following:

  1. Allows subscribers to sign up and manage their subscription online. This would handle renewals, payments (either via CC processor, paypal, etc).
  2. When we receive the issue from the printer (in final PDF), we would e-mail it out to the subscribers. It can either be done as a PDF attachment or a link in the email so that they can download it.
  3. An online archive would allow members to log in and download past versions of this publication.

It seems like something like this would exist but I haven't found anything (or my google queries aren't formed right!). If I can't come up with one piece of software that does this, I might resort to a combination of a "member" site with a library and then use existing email software to notify members there is a new download available for them.

Free or paid solutions acceptable.


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This sounds highly similar to a software distribution model - sell the software, allow payers to get previous versions, and have a convenient email database to easy automate sending.

You can look at VirtueMart, a powerful ecommerce solution, based on Joomla, that is very, very, customizable (including payment gateways).

Either that, or you can go for OSCommerce.

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Thank you for your recommendations. I've used both VirtueMart and OSCommerce pretty extensibly. Their 'software download' module would work for for one-off downloads however since this is a 'subscription' I don't think they would work well without extensive modifications. I also looked into Magento but same capability is lacking. – Dave Drager Sep 18 '09 at 16:57

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