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50.x.x.x assigned by Frontier  Actiontec (FiosModem/Router)  Voip  DLINK/DIR615 (WirelesRouter)  assigned by Actiontec  DLINK DIR615 (Hardwired to Actiontec) Android Vista-PC1 WIN7-PC2 Linksys-1 WRT54G/DDWRT(WirelessClient) Linksys-2 WRT54G/DDWRT(WirelessClient) DSi assigned by DLINK  Linksys-1 WRT54G/DDWRT Vista-PC3 assigned by DLINK  Linksys-2 WRT54G/DDWRT Ubuntu-PC4

Above is my current setup.

All PCs have Internet access.

PC3 and PC4 cannot see each other and PC1/PC2 cannot see PC3/PC4.

Do I need static routes between PC3 & PC4, PC1/PC2 & PC3/PC4? If how do I create the static routes?

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You need to disable all of the extra NAT-ing that you have going on. Set the DD-WRT clients up as wireless bridges, not wireless clients. This will cause them to transparently join the network, instead of firewalling the computers connected to them from the rest of the network.

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+1 to Darth Android's answer. @SZU, don't do double (or triple, or quadruple) NAT, unless you really know what you're doing and know why you want it. This network description is a complete nightmare. Only do NAT on the device at the head of your network (usually the integrated broadband modem / home gateway / Wi-Fi access point that came bundled with your broadband service). – Spiff Jun 6 '12 at 20:01
@Darth Android, thank you for your extremely quick and useful response. I was trying to get 2 PCs connected via LinksysWRT54G/DDWRT to communicate with each other and I thought there was static routing issue involved since they didn't communicate even though they all have internet access. I will try your suggestion of setting up the DD-WRT clients up as wireless bridges when I get home this evening. I would have left out the network the DLINK/DIR615 but I couldn't get the 2 LinksysWRT54Gs to link with the Actiontec Router – SZU Jun 6 '12 at 22:16

I don't really see any need for this tripple NAT setup if you do not want to separate the clients, but if you want to keep it this way, you would need to add routes on the LAN interface of your DIR-615.

Network          Gateway

The /24 suffix is just a guess and would equal a subnet mask of Adjust network address/suffix if needed.

Since there are many different versions of the DIR-615 I cannot explain the exact steps for your specific version. Just check the manual on this topic if you are unable to locate the routing setup.

Conclusion: Bridging would be simpler to setup and probably has no disadvantage in your scenario.

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