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I often work remotely and prefer using en-us locale settings for my searches. One of our computers is located in Germany, and whenever I try to change the location in Google Search Settings, I get an answer to "Pleas enter a valid Deutschland city or zip code".

I checked this post, but it doesn't apply, as my language settings en-us and the Google search language is also set to English. It clearly uses the IP address of the computer.

I couldn't find an answer in the Google help pages, anyone any idea how to change it London, New-York or Amsterdam?

enter image description here

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I usually just go to:

This works for other countries too, so for example I was able to go to Deutschland Google with:

Just bookmark the appropriate country with the ncr URL and you should be localized to whatever TLD you decide to use. I think NCR likely means "no country redirect" or similar, though I haven't seen an official word on it anywhere.

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Great! that seems to work. I tried (without the suffix path) earlier, but that annoyingly redirected to Great tip! – Abel Jun 7 '12 at 13:50

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