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I am traveling and I am using a laptop which is not mine (because I left my own laptop at my home). I got too carried away with the borrowed laptop and I made a user account on it.

I do not want to make a new account when I get back to using my own laptop, so I need to transfer my account form borrowed laptop to my laptop. Does anyone know how?

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Which OS you are using on your laptop and which one is on borrowed one? – avirk Jun 7 '12 at 10:33
Yes you can use the same method as this built in feature for Vista too. – avirk Jun 8 '12 at 16:58

I assume you are working on Windows-7 and then its much easy to transfer the User profile. Just click on Start button and then type in search box Windows Easy Tranfer and click on it or you can run it as an admin.

enter image description here

Now click on Next

enter image description here

Now select the third option as you have to take it along with you.

enter image description here

Now select the second option after this Windows will scan for the files of all users on this PC and then you can copy them in your USB or external HDD.

Note You can use this method for transferring files form Windows Vista to Windows-7 too because this feature also available there.

If you want to transfer User Profile from XP to Windows-7/Vista then download Easy Transfer.

For Windows XP you can download this guide.

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