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I have a daemontools service whose /service/myservice/run contains:

exec setuidgid someuser somecommand

Now, if I run this as a script directly from a root shell, somecommand will get a correct ulimit (unlimited).

However, when I start the service using

svc -u /service/myservice

then somecommand does get a ulimit effectively slightly above 11000.

How can I have somecommand get the correct ulimit even when started via svc (not from a shell)?

This is on FreeBSD 9 release.

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Put the ulimit in the daemontools script, above the exec. svc does not propagate the rlimits to the scripts it runs:

ulimit -n 102400 #Increase file descriptor limit to 102400
exec setuidgid someuser somecommand
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thanks! that did the trick. – oberstet Jun 7 '12 at 16:46

Actually, this is what softlimit is for.

You should try:

exec setuidgid someuser softlimit -o 102400 somecommand


Note that -o controls open file descriptors for softlimit, unlike -n for ulimit.

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Thanks for pointing this out! – oberstet Mar 23 '13 at 9:47

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