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This is the line i have:

*.=emerg,crit,alert,error @@syslogserver:1468

What i'm receiving is all messages. Is there anything wrong with this syntax?

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Are you using sysklogd, syslog-ng or rsyslog? –  mgorven Jun 8 '12 at 0:09
I'm using rsyslog –  Chris Jun 8 '12 at 12:47

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I don't use rsyslog, but it claims to faithfully reimplement the sysklogd config format. In that, commas do not separate priorities, only facilities; you can do daemon,kern.info as a shorthand for daemon.info,kern.info (as a consequence, daemon.emerg,kern.info would silently drop the priority spec for the former). To separate facility.priority pairs, use a semicolon; to list multiple priorities, either specify multiple pairs (in ascending order: *.=err;*.=crit;*.=alert;*.=emerg) or just use the default "specified priorities and higher" behaviour: *.err will match all messages at or above LOG_ERR, from all facilities.

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