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What I would like to do is to use Explorer to locate all the files with the same names in a given folder and all of its sub-folders.



As you can see from this example, my problem is that I have the same JPEG files with the same names in more than one sub-folder. For some reason they have been misplaced in the wrong folders (dates don't match with the folders). I have some 2800 JPEG files in this root. But only maybe 10% are duplicates.

Is there some kind of mask I can use in the search field in Explorer so that it only shows me files that have the same name?

Something like *.jpg [same file name]?

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You can search from a CMD window with the following commands:

cd \
dir /s filename.jpg

This will search all subdirs in drive C: for 'filename.jpg'

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Note that this will only scan for one duplicate name at a time. Not very useful when there's a large number of potential candidates. – efotinis Nov 25 '12 at 8:48

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