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I have a mount to my windows machine on a linux machine. When I try to run any php scripts there it says it's not found, however, when i copy the files to the local storage it runs with no problem. I tried to mount using exec,rw options nothing changes this behavior.

Am I breaking some obscure security rule on php?

$mount -o defaults,umask=777,uid=1000,gid=1000,rw,exec,username=USER,password=PASS // /mnt/z3n-i7
$cd /mnt/z3n-i7/script
$php x.php
$PHP Fatal error:  Unknown: Failed opening required 'x.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') in Unknown on line 0
$cp x.php ~/x.php;cd ~;
$php x.php



getcwd("/mnt/z3n-i7/.httpd/~scripts/pv/pv-linux", 4096) = 49
time(NULL)                              = 1339177164
lstat64("/mnt/z3n-i7/.httpd/~scripts/pv/pv-linux/pv.php", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0755, st_size=796, ...}) = 0
lstat64("/mnt/z3n-i7/.httpd/~scripts/pv/pv-linux", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=4096, ...}) = 0
lstat64("/mnt/z3n-i7/.httpd/~scripts/pv", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=4096, ...}) = 0
lstat64("/mnt/z3n-i7/.httpd/~scripts", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=81920, ...}) = 0
lstat64("/mnt/z3n-i7/.httpd", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=0, ...}) = 0
lstat64("/mnt/z3n-i7", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=49152, ...}) = 0
lstat64("/mnt", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=4096, ...}) = 0
ioctl(3, SNDCTL_TMR_TIMEBASE or SNDRV_TIMER_IOCTL_NEXT_DEVICE or TCGETS, 0xbfc71038) = -1 ENOTTY (Inappropriate ioctl for device)
fstat64(3, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0755, st_size=796, ...}) = 0
write(2, "PHP Fatal error:  Unknown: Faile"..., 131) = 131

Guess this is the problem: Inappropriate ioctl for device ?

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Could you post the strace output of the failing command? (cd /mnt/z3n-i7/script; strace -o trace.txt php x.php) – grawity Jun 8 '12 at 17:37
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After some research i found out that this is a php bug when accessing a filesystem hosted on a 64-bit OS. There's no fix for this, according to , So i mounted my 64-bit windows share on a 32-bit linux machine and shared the share mounted it and it worked!

Thanks for the help anyway.

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Add 'noserverino' option, and the problem is settled.


mount -o defaults,umask=777,uid=1000,gid=1000,rw,exec,username=USER,password=PASS,noserverino // /mnt/z3n-i7
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