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Is there a program that allows me to pass in a video and capture the screen at every n frames? For example maybe I want to export screenshots at 24 frames per second from point A to point B, so the program will be exporting 24 images per second. The amount of frames I would like to capture can be specified (maybe I only want 1 fps, maybe 10 fps, maybe 24, 30, 60, ..)

Preferably, it would be part of a larger program that supports various video formats. At least, it should support the more common formats out there.

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Yes, there is, specially if you're not afraid of the command line, ffmpeg can pretty much handle a variety of video related tasks you throw at it. This has tips on what you're trying to accomplish. It can even be easily scriptable so you don't have to repeat the steps everytime, what OS are you using?

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win7. I've used ffmpeg before to make simple videos out of a sequence of images; didn't know it had all sorts of functions available though. Guess I'll have to look at the docs some more. – MxyL Jun 9 '12 at 3:19

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