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When using Windows XP SP3, when I want to print the screen I use a program called Printkey2000. When Printkey2000 executes, I click on the "print" button, but instead of sending it to my printer for a hard copy I want to save it as a .pdf file. I accomplish this using another program called doPDF v5. After saving it successfully to the location of my choice, Adobe Acrobat finds it necessary to bring up a page to show me what I just saved. How do I turn off Acrobat from doing this?

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It's not Acrobat - it's actually doPDF v5 activating that printed document. Does doPDF v5 have any configurable options you can get at?

You might want to look into using CutePDF or PDFCreator instead, as it has the option to not show the PDF document after printing.

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+1 (see my comment to surfmadpig's response :) – Molly7244 Sep 18 '09 at 19:17
You get the check mark Caliban. PDF Creator did the trick. I saw the option to turn off printing the saved file with default viewer. Can't tell you how long this has been annoying me, since I do a lot of print screens. – Patriot Sep 18 '09 at 19:47
Glad it helped you :). Sometimes life's biggest annoyances comes from the smallest things. Well, looks like you got rid of one today! Have a great weekend. – caliban Sep 18 '09 at 20:00

I also use doPDF and haven't found an option to turn this behavior off. I guess there is none.

But if what annoys you is the fact that adobe reader pops up, and assuming that it takes a while to start for you too (as is the case for almost everyone), I'd suggest switching .pdf viewers to PDFx-change ( I know this doesn't answer your question, but it can help you get over the adobe annoyances.

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yep, this annoyed the heck out of me, so i went back to trusty old CutePDF. (and i do use pdf-xchange) i'm well able myself to open a newly saved PDF if i feel so inclined. :) – Molly7244 Sep 18 '09 at 19:16

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