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If I give a command that has a lot of output lines in terminal, about 400, I can only see the last ~200 if I scroll up to the top. How can I go further up and see more output lines? I don't want to use tee and copy the output to a text file. I use Openbox and Terminator.

How can I see the terminal output from two days ago?

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Terminator's configuration (including buffer size), is stored in its configuration file, usually found at ~/.config/terminator/config.

You may configure the buffer size by modifying the configuration file to include the following. Be sure to include the section headings, as these are necessary.

    scrollback_lines = 5000


You may also modify Terminator configuration by right-clicking in a Terminator window, and selecting Preferences. The relevant preference is in Profiles > Default > Scrolling > Scrollback.

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You could pipe the output to more (or less) and page through the results.

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You can configure the scrollback buffer size in ~/.config/terminator, e.g.:

scrollback_lines = 5000

This will set the buffer size to 5000 lines.

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~/.config/terminator/config is missing. I tried to reinstall terminator but it's still not there. – tr3quart1sta Jun 10 '12 at 9:25
@tr3quart1sta: Just create it with that content, then. – Daniel Andersson Jun 10 '12 at 13:43
Also, in Gnome, you open a terminal, select the drop down menu -> Preferences->blq blq and on one of the tabs there is a dialog box, asking how many wines to remember. The default 256 is ridiculous ! – Vorac Jan 27 '13 at 8:37

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