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I'm running Ubuntu with Gnome but in order to install KMouseTool I had to install KDE also.

Whenever I start up Ubuntu, KMousetool, which I've set as an autostart application, starts up in a fully maximized window.

If I run it in KDE there seems to be various window appearance options I can set for the application. But in Gnome, these don't seem to be present.

Is there a setting I could define for the application to make it run as a minimized/hidden window upon login?

It's annoying to have to manually minimize the app every time I login.

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Nice formatting :) – Phoshi Sep 18 '09 at 20:16
Just doing my best to make the text easily eyeball-scannable. I'm glad you like it. – lipton Sep 18 '09 at 20:20
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These window behaviors are managed by Metacity I believe, you can use Devil's Pie to do what you want though.

A window-matching utility, inspired by Sawfish's "Matched Windows" option and the lack of the functionality in Metacity. Metacity lacking window matching is not a bad thing — Metacity is a lean window manager, and window matching does not have to be a window manager task.

Devil's Pie can be configured to detect windows as they are created, and match the window to a set of rules. If the window matches the rules, it can perform a series of actions on that window. For example, I can make all windows created by X-Chat appear on all workspaces, and the main Gkrellm1 window does not appear in the pager or task list.

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This looks like it will do the job. I'm still puzzling over ksystraycmd which autostarts kmousetool. There's a "--hidden" option you can pass to this command but it's not taking effect when I do: "ksystraycmd --hidden /usr/bin/kmousetool. I'll try Devil's Pie. Thanks. – lipton Sep 18 '09 at 20:18
Woohoo! It worked! Wish I could vote you up a few more times. – lipton Sep 18 '09 at 20:44

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