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I'm trying to do the exact opposite of How To Make Thunderbird Compose Mail With "Body Text" As Default?. So my current default setting for composition is "Body Text", but I want it to be "Paragraph".


Just doing it the opposite way of the accepted answer doesn't work: If I select Format⇒Paragraph⇒Paragraph (from the menu bar), it does the formatting for the current e-mail; when I open another message, however, it starts out with "Paragraph" selected, but as soon as I type the first letter of my e-mail, it changes to "Body Text".

Is this a bug? Can anybody reproduce this behavior?

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TB 9.0.1 does the same for me. – pnuts Oct 9 '12 at 23:16
I asked a similar question on mozillazine in 2011. Still outstanding in 2014. – palswim Dec 2 '14 at 20:37

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Answer: You can't. (I would love for the TB team to invalidate this answer some day.)

For me, I've coped by including the Alt+O P P keystrokes into my composition routine, which quickly sets the format to Paragraph for new messages.

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