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I'm trying to write a simple backup script using rar.exe, the command line binary shipped with WinRAR. I want to fetch an entire folder from a network location and add it to a rar-file on my desktop computer.

How do I specify a network path as input?

My script looks like this (the network computer name I'm trying to access is Cube:

rar a "C:\test.rar" -mt4 -ag" yyyy-mm-dd" -m5 "\\Cube\foldername" I also tried with IP in the path, like this: \\\foldername

Output tells me the path \\Cube\foldername can not be found.

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A workaround could be mapping/mounting the network drive and using it as an ordinary drive.

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Seems to be working with the following command:

rar a "C:\test.rar" -mt4 -ag" yyyy-mm-dd hh_MM_ss" -m5 -r "\\Cube\foldername\*.*

Same as above but with additions of -r and *.*.

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