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Suppose you have a bunch of MP3 files whose ID3 tags are written in a non-Latin script (e.g. Russian) and you want them to show up properly in all your Unicode-supporting media players and apps.

Also suppose you're on Windows.

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Here's a useful recipe assuming you have Java installed:

Download id3iconv and then open a command prompt, change to the directory containing the music and perform the following command (modify it to suit your needs!):

for /r %F in (*.mp3) do java -jar ..\path\to\id3iconv-0.2.1.jar -e cp1251 %~sF

In the following sample:

  • /r is used to make it go into subdirectories (in case you have, say, a discography spanning many directories).
  • I'm using %~sF (short names) since the file names might not be represented in your ANSI encoding. Short names are the "safest".
  • cp1251 is the encoding for Windows Cyrillic (suitable for Russian). Use the encoding that matches your files. id3iconv can't guess that :(
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