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I have 3 machines with Bluetooth;

  • Desktop running Windows 2000 with a USB dongle
  • Laptop running Windows XP with a USB dongle
  • Laptop running Windows 7 with Bluetooth built in

I can send and receive files between the Windows 2000 and XP machines, and I can send files from Windows 7 to Windows 2000 and XP machines, but there is no way the Windows 7 machine will accept transfers.

The best I can get with the Windows 7 machine is a dialog Windows that pops up saying filename.xxx.lnk is transferring and gives me an option to pick a directory on the Windows 7 machine but when I click "finish" nothing happens and no file is transferred.

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By default Windows 7 does not accept the receiving connection from bluetooth devices you have to run a command, open the run dialog box through Windows+R key and type the fsquirt in the box and hit the Enter key. Now you have a dialog with two options that will ask you which one you want to perform. Now select the Receive files option for batch receiving.

enter image description here

Or you can click on the system tray bluetooth icon and right click on it and then you can select the option Receive file but it will receive only one file as I think.

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Thanks ! Don't know why there isn't a simpler way to open this fquirt window through the control panel or bluetooth panel or something –  Arun Sep 1 '14 at 3:30

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