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i have a video that i cannot render in Graph Edit:

enter image description here

GSpot cannot render:

enter image description here

and AVISynth's DirectShowSource cannot open:

enter image description here

And yet Windows Media Player (12) can play it fine.

How can i figure out the filters that Windows Media Player is using, when DirectShow itself cannot render the file?

i tried running GraphEdit as an adminstrator and connecting to a remote graph, but Windows Media Player does not register its graph in the running objects table:

enter image description here

Related question: How can i access a file in AviSynth that Windows Media Player can play, but DirectShow cannot?

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Based on the tag, I assume that this is a .mp4 video file?

Instead of DirectShow, WMP 12 can use the newer Media Foundation framework for rendering files. This is the case for MPEG-4 files.

For the Media Foundation equivalent of GraphEdit, see this question.

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Untested, but that sounds very likely. – Ian Boyd Jun 13 '12 at 14:40

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