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Where can I find a command-line version of GPG for Windows? It should be small size because Gpg4win Light is 15 MB.

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You can download really small package gnupg-w32cli-1.4.18.exe (check that FTP for later versions). After installation it's only 2MB. –  dma_k Nov 14 at 22:04

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You could download it and compile it yourself here: http://www.gnupg.org/download/index.en.html

The command line version is included in the GPG4Win, but the installer is actually quite helpful, and I would recommend that myself. (current gpg2.exe that is included is 769kb)

Also see the light version here: http://files.gpg4win.org/gpg4win-light-1.0.9.exe

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I would argue that is "lightweight". gpg2.exe is indeed small, but when you run it, it requires external tools and libraries. After I have combined everything in a box, I got 12MB. More over when you run gpg2 --gen-key it shows a GUI window to ask for password – that's too much for CLI utility. –  dma_k Nov 14 at 21:28
ok. I do not know of a lighter version, good luck. –  nycynik Nov 23 at 13:37

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