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I am using Linux 3.2.0-24-generic. I need to modify the source files of ath9k and mac80211. One of the files in mac80211 refers to a few linux header files such as linux/slab.h, linux/skbuff.h, linux/etherdevice.h and linux/if_arp.h. I have installed the latest headers but these are still missing. Where can I download these header files?

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The headers are part of the same Linux source tree as your modules, in the include directory.

(When compiling in-tree modules, you need to have the complete source tree, from a tarball or Git repository. See, for example, this CentOS article and the Documentation/kbuild/ directory.)

├── Documentation
│   └── kbuild
├── drivers
│   └── net
│       └── wireless
│           └── ath
│               └── ath9k
├── include
│   └── linux
└── net
    └── mac80211
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