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I have a brand new HP Pavillion g series laptop, which is running Windows 7. I need to boot into the BIOS, to change the boot order, so I can boot the laptop with a recently installed Norton Ghost recovery CD.

I've tried pressing ESC and F1, but the boot continues into Windows.

Any ideas or hints would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Make sure you did not hibernate Windows on last use. Esc should work, and it's either F10 or F12 from memory that loads the one time boot menu. – Bob Jun 12 '12 at 0:35
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All HP Notebooks with a UEFI bios

F10 Bios Setup

Esc Display Startup Menu, shows you all the available F key options on your particular model.

F1 System Information

F2 System Diagnostics

F7 HP SpareKey (select models)

F9 Boot Device Options

F11 HP System Recovery

F12 Network Boot (Business Models)

After you enter the bios, F9 will load bios defaults

More detailed Information here

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In my case I had to:

  1. Let the Windows load.
  2. Shut down the Windows (don't restart).
  3. Turn on the laptop, wait for "Press ESC" for Startup Menu
  4. It loads different startup menu that provides options like:

    F10 to enter BIOS
    F9 for boot options etc.

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