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I installed MKS on Windows 7 and with it MKS Toolkit was silently installed. This also seems to set some global environment variables like "TERM" and "TERMCAP". As these variables won't work together with cygwin I uninstalled MKS Toolkit again. But unfortunately the variables are still present.

I now have the problem that I only see those variables on the command line. I can not find them anywhere else. They do not appear under the GUI nor in the registry. How is this possible and how can I remove them anyway?

The only way I get cygwin to work correctly is to explicitly set all the invalid variables to an empty value. But this feels quite wrong. So where can I find and remove them correctly?

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Perhaps commands were appended to your ~/.profile, ~/.bash_profile, or ~/.bashrc files by the MKS installer? If you can't find them in the Registry, then they are being set using traditional UNIX mechanisms (e.g., shell startup scripts). You should also check /etc/profile and the files under /etc/profile.d.

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check the registry:

For System Variables:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment

For User Variables:


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