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How can I force Gmail to use a font I like in the compose textbox? I compose emails using plain text mode, not the rich text mode.

Browser: Firefox OS: Windows

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Install the Greasemonkey script Gmail Fixed Font.

By default it installs as monospaced so you will have to edit the following line in the script to the font face and size of your liking:

var css = ".ii, .dV { font: .9em monospace !important; }";

If you wanted to increase the font size a little and type up in Futura font, it would look like this:

var css = ".ii, .dV { font: 1em futura important; }";

After you do, restart Firefox and log back into your Gmail account. Now you can compose emails in the font of your choice.

A side-effect is that it will also change the font of the emails in your inbox to what you have edited.

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You'll probably have the best luck writing a script to do it yourself in the browser - I don't believe there's an option you can set within the system to specify this.

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You'll need to tell the browser to use a different font. Specifically for an element of type textarea. How you do this depends on what browwser you're using, and possibly what Operating System as well.

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Assume it is Firefox on Windows. – Ashwin Nanjappa Jul 16 '09 at 7:58
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I ended up writing a Stylish user style for this: Gmail - Fixed Width Font.

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