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I know that we can use TeamViewer on a LAN connection without internet for remote control. I was wondering whether we can use meetings to connect via LANs without internet as well. I tried doing this but i couldn't find the feature.

Thank you in advance..

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Too bad noone ever answered this question! I'd love to know how to do that, too. – bgmCoder Feb 16 '13 at 17:45

enter image description here that solves the question. I think it works only with teamviewer 6.

  1. download teamviewer 6
  2. install it.
  3. go to menu extras\options\general and select the Incoming LAN connection (Accept\accept only)


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You can use Presentation Mode in TeamViewer 6. I tried it in new versions and it did not work. You can get old versions of TeamViewer from, or FileHippo.

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