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I finally got around to updating to JRE 7 today, and noticed that it came bundled with JavaFX 2.

I'm generally attentive during installation processes to ensure that I don't leave any check-boxes marked for software I don't want bundled. However, this somehow still ended up as part of the package.

Is JavaFX a requirement for JRE now? Can I uninstall JavaFX without affecting JRE? Is there a way to download JRE without having JavaFX bundled?

OS is Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

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As far as I know, JavaFX is not yet a required part of the JRE, though it is bundled with them, and so it should be uninstallable.

Starting with Java 8, however, JavaFX will become a part of the JRE/JDK, and will be necessary to have a compliant installation. The intention is for JavaFX to replace the Swing windowing library that currently exists in the JRE.

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Thanks for the info. Any idea on how I can get a non-bundled copy of JRE? – Iszi Jun 13 '12 at 18:56

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