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Does anyone know how to form a GraphEdit graph to render composite/SVideo input (especially for a Hauppauge or AIW card)? Google (and Google Images) finds only results focusing on rendering the TV tuner which is already simple enough.

The tv-tuner-in pins connect to the TvTuner/TvAudio source, but nothing seems to be able to connect to the Composite/SVideo pins.

I have looked through the filters and could find no sources to connect to the Composite/SVideo input pins of the crossbar; GraphEdit always complains that they are not compatible.

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I figured it out. Yay!

It turns out that there is no separate capture source for composite. Instead, you use the TvTuner source and connect the pins to the Tuner In like you would to render TV (which is just confusing and counterintuitive), but then you set the source to composite in the Crossbar filter.

Here is a screenshot of a graph that renders the composite input. The pins that you would expect to be used but are not, are marked in red; the pins you actually use that are misleadingly labeled TV are marked in orange, and the setting you need to make sure to use is marked in green:

Screenshot of working GraphEdit composite-input graph

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