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I'm looking for a background switcher that has these features:

  • Add folders to use as source of wallpapers (usually called 'monitor folder')
  • Enable/disable those folders (not just add/remove)
  • Crop and resize (usually called just "Zoom" in Ubuntu)
  • Play, pause, stop, next, previous, redraw, and open wallpaper options on the launcher shortcut, or in the mini icon in the top bar (don't know how to call those icons)

So far the best I found is "Wallch", but it lacks some of the features mentioned above. In Windows I used "John's background switcher".

Is there anything like this for Linux? I'm using Ubuntu 12.

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I can't say for sure that this has ALL the features you require, but i recall it being very extensive. Have you tried it? – Oliver G Jun 14 '12 at 10:12

You can try Desktop Nova or Sync Wall(Has nearly all the features you asked for) and there a list of wallpaper changers in Lifehacker AU and Lifehacker.

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I'll just pust Wallch as the winner.

It does not have all the features just yet, but I contacted the developer and he added what was missing, and will be available on the next release.

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