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Does anybody know how to change the keyboard layout to en-gb in an XRDP session on Ubuntu 12.04? I am using mstsc.exe to connect to an XRDP server hosting an XVNC session, however I cannot work out how to apply the UK keyboard layout.

A bit of googling has yeilded these instructions which allow me to change the keymap, however using the keymap file I downloaded from here I loose the ability to use the arrow keys, home/end etc. Comparing the file with the standard one there are substantially more differences than I would expect considering the similarity between the layouts.

I only have RDP access to the box so i don't seem to be able to actually generate a new layout per the instructions above, maybe it's a local console thing? Also I can't change either the RDP client used or the RDP server as they are my only access to the system, I don't have local console access. I do have root priveleges on the OS however.

Any thoughts?

Edit: I have found http:// (apologies for not typing the link properly but the antispam filter won't let me post more than 2 links) this documentation on the XRDP sourceforge page which describes keymap file format. It indicates the values in the keymap files are unicode 0x64 etc, however the files I have already on my system seem to use a different format 0:0 or 65307:27 etc, does anybody know what the difference is?

Edit: Clarify title.

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Somebody else went through this trouble too, and posted about it in a blog:

He manually fixed the en-gb keyboard map, and posted it in his blog post. Just tried this keymap myself, and it works nicely.

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Thanks! I know it's been a while since I asked this question but this is still incredibly useful! – Earl Sven Jan 25 '13 at 8:43

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