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I'm looking for a clarification on SHR and how it handles expanding a volume when the volume contains varying disk sizes.

I've read the Synology Documentation and it still isn't clear, because their use-case assumes that the original volume was created with equal disk sizes.

My current volume setup on a DS411 is:

  1. 1TB
  2. 2TB
  3. 2TB
  4. Empty

I'm looking to add a 1TB disk to slot 4. Is this possible? I keep reading that the disk that is added needs to be "equal or larger than" the existing disks, but in my case, is that => the smallest disk in the current volume, or => than the largest disk in the current volume.

Would I be able to add a 1TB disk to my volume? Or would I need to add a 2TB or greater disk?

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related to SHR: yes, you can add so small HDD as is smallest in array = in your case 1 TB.

If I understand when you add to slot 4 next 1 TB HDD (expand SHR volume) you will have: 4x1TB in something like RAID 5 (that means 3 TB usable space) and thank to SHR also 2x1TB in something like mirror (means 1 TB usable space). By my mind final usable space will be 4 TB (or more precisely something above 3 "real computer TB" (correctly TiB) ).

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