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Exposé doesn't automatically set focus on any window when called. Can this be changed?


Normally a Windows/Cygwin user, but I've migrated to Lion because it's desktop + multi-touch works better. I've finally got a great multi-desktop setup:

  • 4-finger swipe for changing desktops/mission control
  • System Preferences > Mission Control > "When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application" is OFF
  • Command-space to bring up Alfred to change the focused program
  • Command-N to bring up a clean new window
  • Ctrl+Command+Space to exposé on active program

This is quite good for creating isolated desktops so I can keep focused on a single task. But sometimes, you only have one main window for a program (Skype, iCal, Mail). When I need to switch to that window, I want to be able to switch to the program with Alfred, strike Ctrl+Command+Space to bring up Exposé, and hit Enter to switch to the only window that Exposé brings up (the only window for the program). But that doesn't work, because Exposé doesn't set focus on a window until you select it with the arrow keys or the mouse.

Anybody know if this can be changed?

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