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I have had Comcast for about a month and up until Friday I havent had one complaint. As of Friday I started noticing massive lag while playing Tera, which is a MMO. I started up a ping -t and noticed ping response between 12ms and 1200ms and also a lot of dropped packets. I am saying drops every 10th ping with skattered 1200ms response times. Its constant with never any good times. Playing a game is impossible while under this situation. They sent a line tech out who said the coax was fine and all their tech support is very sorry yet have given me no solition. The modem is a cisco and my router is cisco which are new but I guess could be causing the problem. I downloaded WinMTR and Ping Plotter to start collecting better stats.

First question is should I every see dropped packets and 1200-7000ms responses from a healthy connection?

What should I do to fix or prove to Comcast its a problem on their end?

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While ping times are not an accurate reflection of your connection speed when it comes to gaming (due to traffic management at the ISP), times of 1200ms are unacceptable. Perhaps your area recently reached its tipping point of oversubscription. – user3463 Jun 14 '12 at 21:06
Also, don't forget that a good portion of your measured speed is due to their "power boost" feature, unless you are paying for at least the Extreme 50 package. Your issues are most likely caused by the package you are paying for, and if you call Comcast and tell them, expect them to suggest that you upgrade to a better package. – Bon Gart Jun 14 '12 at 21:09
They keep referencing the speed test sites and say oh but your speed is 25MB!! I keep replaying that Speed isn’t the issue, its connectivity/consistency.. – Brian Jun 14 '12 at 21:43

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