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The Snow Leopard Services menu tells me it's "Building..." but it's been over an hour and the status is still the same. How long is this process supposed to be?

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The Services menu went back after a few minutes of posting this message. How long does it normally take for the Services menu to rebuild itself when a new service is added? – Francis Sep 19 '09 at 7:35
Have you tried rebooting..? – dbr Oct 28 '09 at 20:50
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You can manually rebuild the LaunchServices database by entering the following in the Terminal:

In Snow Leopard (thanks to Lawrence Velázquez for pointing this out):

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

In older versions of the Mac OS X:

/System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

Or read more online where I found the tip:

I went to the trouble of adding this as an alias in my .bashrc file so I could rebuild at whim.

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This command is no longer the correct command in Snow Leopard. The executable is located at /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.fram‌​ework/Support/lsregister. – Lawrence Velázquez Dec 29 '09 at 22:30
Updated. What's strange I find is that when I run my alias, the command I originally supplied still worked. When I copy-pasted it out of my .bashrc, it failed with a File Not Found. Very strange, I have no idea why it continued to work for me, but thanks for noticing the error. – Kio Dane Jan 5 '10 at 13:36

Try logging in to your Administrator account. After this, let it build. For my Finder it did not take more than 2 seconds. When you get a list, it will also be available to all your 'Standard' user accounts.

Cheers :) BBX

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