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I'd like to take a HD output which I will have prepared into 4 quadrants, each a virtual screen, and then output these to 4 old vga monitors or even PAL CRT displays.

Do you have any tips on which (off the shelf) hardware we'd need to use. I think we'd probably use a Matrox Quad card, which in theory would give us 16 analog screen outputs, but I don't know how we'd go about spltting each HD output and pushing it to 4 seperate analog screens.

Thanks for considering the question.


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You could use DVI to VGA adapters but a better option might be the Radeon HD 5570 1GB VHDCI QUAD VGA, which supports 7680 x 1080 (2x2 VGA) in Eyefinity mode.

Single slot, Quad Monitor support is now available for your Small Form Factor Windows Vista, Windows 7 PC. Run up to 4 monitors simultaneously using ATI eyefinity mode. Full support for Microsoft DX11, DX 10.1 and DX9.

For more displays, you could use multiple cards:

Use of multiple Matrox G200 MMS PCI video cards allows connection of up to 16 monitors to a single computer.

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