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bmon runs fine in a regular terminal, however, when run from inside screen the output is garbled and unusable. This problem doesn't affect all curses applications - top and htop run fine. bwm-ng runs fine, but bwm-ng -o curses2 also results in garbed output.

The problem also occurs regardless of whether I set TERM to screen, screen-256color, or xterm. Additionally, the problem also occurs with tmux.

I'm at a loss... what settings am I missing to get screen to behave properly with bmon and the like?

Additional information: The terminal is being accessed over SSH from an Ubuntu 12.04 desktop. The remote machine is running Ubuntu 12.04, but the problem was also observed on a Ubuntu 10.10 server. screenrc was left empty for the test.

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The solution can be found here: Using screen, commands like less and man don't clear the screen afterwards

Put altscreen on in your .screenrc or just type

ctrl-a : altscreen on
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I tried it in screen, but it didn't solve the problem. Is there something else I need to do? – tan-ce Jan 31 '13 at 14:45

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