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By default, Google Drive opens Google Docs files with the default browser, which is Firefox in my case. Can I set Google Drive to open Google Docs files with Chrome?

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Set default browser to chrome –  user Jun 15 '12 at 15:06

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The browser does'n open a file locally, so you cannot associate a filetype to a particular software. The files are managed and opened through google docs.

What you want to do is somethink loke this: the link to the file should be like someserver.com/myfile.xls and that file to open in ms office through the web toolbar. If you would have the necessary rights this should work, but in your case it is much more complicated and it would be verry hard to do this.

Maybe you should download google drive and try this instead of the web browser version

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This is not an option on the website or drive (Google Drive), but on your computer and OS. Your system has a table, which application to open for which linked file type. Since Google Drive tries to emulate a drive, it just hands over the file and lets the system decide which app to use.

That said, you might find a workaround: It might be that Google Drive registers certain "file types" in the list of file types. That way, you could define per file type, which application to use for that.

With Windows 7, you can see the file type associations at

Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Associations

Just search for "file types" in the search box of the control panel.

If this is not so – you could set up a feature request for Google Drive to do that, since it would enable people to "prefer Chrome over others", maybe they are willing to do so to enlarge their number of followers.

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On Mac, the only Open With option is Google Drive. –  sbwoodside Oct 20 at 23:03

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