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I am trying to install the HP Deskjet AIO (non-network) driver on my machine, which is running the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

Before installing it, Windows detected my printer just fine... But I wanted to use the HP scanning application, because tt allows me to scan several photos at once.

I ran the DJ_AIO_NonNetwork_ENU_NB file I got from their site, and the installation went almost without a problem... However, at the part where it should have detected the printer, it didn't, so I skipped it - telling the installer I'll connect the printer later. After it was finished I was able to use it regularly, and also scan using the wanted HP application.

However, the installer kept popping at random intervals, and giving me an error message. Yesterday I tried removing all the installed HP Applications, and installing from scratch. Running the same installer setup, it now insists that it does not support my operating system, and that 64-bit Vista is the highest it can go... I just don't understand why this is occuring all of the sudden.

Has anybody here successfully installed the AIO driver on the 64-bit version of Windows 7?


Been chatting with HP chat support over the weekend. Managed to really mess up my windows. At first, they told me to uninstall using an "unintall_l3" batch file inside their installer package, and then reinstall. Didn't work. Also the "l4" batch didn't make any difference. Afterwards I was told to install "Windows install clean up" and remove many hp entries (most of which were not listed on my computer), and I also removed many other hp entries I bumped upon. Then my office 2k7 started failing. I searched around the web, and ran Security Restore, so now my office works, but my windows explorer is all buggy - can't seem to open windows explorer - it hangs while trying to load my hard drives, or completely ignores them and just shows my libraries.

Anyone here has any idea how I can restore my win7 to normal, with or without the annoying scanner?


Ok - explorer back to normal. I guess I just had to wait until it finishes searching while opening the windows explorer for the first time after the Security Restore. Scanner still not working though.

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Just adding - I have found 'DJ_AIO_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_130_140' file, and successfully installed it on a laptop with win7 x64, connected to the exact same printer at my house. Everything worked just fine. I uninstalled the driver on my desktop, reinstalled the new file, and the problem remains. Can't scan using the HP application. What a pain... – Noam Gal Jan 5 '10 at 17:25

Have you tried running the installer in Compatibility Mode?

Failing that, you can try to manually extract the installation executable with a third-party program (e.g. WinRAR or 7-Zip), and see if there is any nested installers... You should be able to at least extract the drivers without a hitch.

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I have no good news - but I have recently purchased a new HD, and installed a brand new win7 x64 on it, instead of my old system. ran the same DJ_AIO_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_130_140 setup on it, and scan just works now (needless to say, I still have the same old crappy f2180 printer).

So I don't know what caused the original problem, or how to fix it, but formatting the system disk did solve it eventually.

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