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When sending a 'note off' message via MIDI the envelope is automatically placed into its release stage.

Is there a message I can send at this point that will force the note off immediately and ignore the remaining release stage time?

I would like the message to be standard MIDI so that it is compatible with all MIDI synthesizers.

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This is a little technical for Super User, you may be better off on StackOverflow. Don't post on both sites, you can flag your question for moderator attn. and they can move it. – Scott Chamberlain Jun 15 '12 at 13:38

There isn't anything like this in the MIDI standard, because it's usually desirable to keep the note's tail. However, you can try sending a MIDI panic signal, which varies by device.

But in short, there's no way to do this within the standard MIDI protocol messages.

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