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My goal is to get a memory dump from a Windows XP guest running inside VMWare Workstation 8.

  1. When I tried to to use the Right Ctrl+Scroll Lock+Scroll Lock combo there was no reaction on the screen, no file was created
  2. I read this document and found that I can use vmss2core
    1. I suspended the vm
    2. ran vmss2core.exe WinXP.vmss
      1. Unrecognized .vmss file(magic 0)
    3. ran vmss2core.exe WinXP.vmem
      1. Unrecognized .vmem file(magic f000ff53)

Note1: My guest xp is working fine and I can use it like normal. So there are certainly no issues in the guest.
Note2: I am using a USB keyboard (in reference to the first step) Can someone please show me a way through which I can get a memory dump in VMWare Workstation 8

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According to Microsoft: for a USB keyboard, you cannot incite a crash 0xE2 on Windows XP. You will need to switch to a PS/2 keyboard, or use a different (later) version of Windows.

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If there is a .vmem file with the same date and time as the .vmss, then you need to retrieve both.

For instance, to create a WindDbg file (memory.dmp) you could try the next command:

vmss2core -W WinXP.vmss WinXMP.vmem

More info:

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