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Is it possible to make a white list of disks to mount? I have multiple systems on multiple drives and I would prefer not to mount everything all the time. I can unmount it afterwards, but that is not just as elegant.

I would imagine some magic in or something.

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The recommended method I found indicates you should use entries like the following in your /etc/fstab file to prevent mounting:

UUID=FAB060E9-79F7-33FF-BE85-E1D3ABD3EDEA  none     hfs    rw,noauto

As I understand it, entries for known discs will be treated preferentially by their fstab entry over any automount/other behaviors.

Also, according to the linked information, you should be able to use the following to determine disk/partition UUIDs:

diskutil info /path/to/disk

On hindsight, this isn't really a "whitelist" operation so much as a "blacklist" operation, but it is the only solution I can think of.

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Awesome finding, I actually did not believe it is possible. Thanks, awarding the bounty as soon as it's ready. – Mikulas Dite Jun 20 '12 at 7:35

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